A private relationship planner and journal that helps you stay in touch.

Realizing you haven’t seen some of your friends for weeks or months? Tendship is a journal that reminds you whenever someone stops appearing in your life’s story.

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Relationship planner

Don’t worry, Tendship is not a social network. Your planner is a private list of your friends and how often you hope to see each of them. It’s a guide of who you should see next.

A smarter journal

Your journal is thoughtfully designed to make writing entries fast and light. It’s smart too. Whenever you @ mention a friend, it’ll mark that friend as seen in your planner.

Stay in touch

Tendship reminds you whenever a friend stops being mentioned. That’s your cue that you should catch up with them. You can write all about it in your journal later.

Keep your private thoughts private

Rest easy

We don’t sell your information. In fact, we can’t. Your journal gets encrypted before it is safely stored on our servers and it stays encrypted because only you have the key.


We want our friends to use Tendship too. Using encryption is a guarantee that their and anyone else’s private journal is never readable by anyone but them.

An honest business

We don’t make money through ads. Nor do we make money by selling your data under the cover of darkness. We make money by selling a product for a similar price to the closest reasonably priced paper alternative.

Notice: Tendship is currently in beta! Please pardon the mess. It is completely free while it is in beta. The 30 trial period will start after the beta ends.


  • Ability to read old entries
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per year
  • Ability to write new entries
  • 30-day no card free trial
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Tendship uses the same business model as a physical paper journal or planner. You will always be able to read your old entries. If you want to write for another year you need to buy a new book, or in this case, a subscription for the year.

Frequently asked questions

Is Tendship a social network?

No. Social networks are the opposite of privacy.

Does Tendship sell my data?

No. We sell a service.

Is Tendship an app?

Yes and no. Tendship is not on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Tendship is accessible using any modern web desktop or phone browser. You can add Tendship to your phone’s home screen where it will behave like any other native app.

How do reminders work?

When you add a friend to your planner, you also select how often you see them. It can be as often as once a week or as infrequent as once every four months. You can then @ mention them in your entries to let Tendship know that you saw them. This is the same way you would mention someone in a messaging app or in social network. If you don’t mention a friend for a period of time longer than you said you wanted to see them, you will be sent a reminder email.

How is my journal encrypted?

When you create your account, you will also create an encryption key which is a secret you need to store alongside your password. You will need to provide this key every time you go into Tendship. Your journal entries will never be readable by Tendship or anyone else because they are encrypted by your key on your device before they are sent to Tendship for storage.

You will have the only copy of your key. Tendship will not be able to recover your data if your key is lost. Storing the key in another service (e.g. Dropbox) is advised.

How do I delete my account?

Please send all account deletion requests to support@tendship.com. We allow account deletion from within the app once we develop a method to securely export your journal. Do you have a preference for what the exported data should look like? Send us an email at hello@tendship.com.

Why isn’t Tendship free?

We want to be honest and transparent with our business, but we understand times can be tough. Send us an email to hello@tendship.com and we’ll send you a coupon code.